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Ready to up your Digital Sales Game?

Now is the time to improve your sales skills and up your digital game.  We created the first ever Influencer Sales  boot camp so that on your schedule you can work on building your skills daily.  

What is it?  Spend 15-20 minutes for each of the 22 modules – you will watch a short video, do a short exercise and you are finished.  

 Do a module every day or do several all at once –  you control your time.  

22 Short Modules

What Happens Day by Day? Click on the days below to find out.

Introductions to the course, learning your way around.  Some quick videos, a few quick activities to practice and you will be ready to go!

You’ll watch a short video about how our buyers have changed.  Then you will learn our new buyer’s path to purchase.  It looks a little like this.

It’s all about the buyer persona.  B2B and B2C.  How to create one, what to do with it once you have it and why it is so important to the new way of selling.  

We dive into the Dream Phase – how our new buyer starts their journey, the tools and strategies we can use to help them get to know us.

Your LinkedIn Profile – build it to attract more clients.  Learn some simple tips and techniques to use this great tool to your advantage.

LinkedIn groups and activities.  How can you create awareness for your clients when they don’t want to talk to you?

Today there is a quick knowledge check.  It is really a chance for you to catch up, do a little exploring.

Introduction to the Explore Phase.  Our buyer has entered the explore phase – what are they thinking?  What do they want from us?  How can we get through to them?  That is what we will cover today.

What tools will we use when our buyer is in the explore phase?  How about Snip.ly?  And maybe one or two others.  You will learn some new and exciting technology today.

This is everyone’s favorite – the Influencer Way to crafting more effective prospecting emails.  You will be glad to learn these new skills and strategies!

Our buyer has now moved into the inquire phase.  Today we will learn what they are looking for and our strategy for making an immediate impact!

Tell me a story.  In today’s session we will learn about how to tell our own story – in a way that prospects will want to listen and learn. 

Today you will watch a video that will walk you through creating your own landing page.  What?  Yes, we will show you a free tool that will have you building these in no time!

Today you will learn to create your own video!  Again, a free tool that will help you bring your story to life digitally.  Here is a video one student made after this class.

The Inquire knowledge check and catch up day – go ahead and explore with your new mad video and landing page skills!

Introduction to the Decide Phase.  This is a big one.  Our prospect now needs to be convinced – you or them?  

Today we learn some valuable words that sell.  Some words are a little more persuasive than others, do you know them?

The Influencer’s Response Formula is our topic for today.  Writing in a simple and authentic voice can make the difference for your buyer – learn how today.

In this session you will learn about the possibilities for sales when our buyer is in the experience phase.

Your final day on learning – all around the Share phase.  This is an important one that can have a big impact on your future sales!  Learn how to maximize your digital relationship game by turning your clients into advocates.

What's Your ROI?

Just fill in how many people you want to train and your hotel’s average rate – and our ROI calculator will tell you how many rooms each attendee will need to sell to break even.  

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Why Choose Us

We know sales.  We know technology.  We know how adults learn.  We can put new tools into your hands to help you grow your sales.  Sign up today!


Buyers are Stressed

Buyers are stressed today.  They need someone they can trust to help them make a good decision.  How an you position yourself as a valuable and trusted resource?


Buyers want to Research Online - on Their own

Sellers need to figure out a way to provide them with the information they need – where they want it. Online.


Buyers are looking for peace of mind

There are more buyers involved today with every purchase decision.  You may only be talking to one – and they will need to feel good enough about your property to sell it to their team.  Help them feel confident you are the right choice.

what will you learn?

New Strategies

Everything we teach is based on our buyer's new path to purchase. Our goal is to turn salespeople into influencers by teaching them how to add real value at every step along the sales funnel to help buyers make better decisions.

New Technology

We introduce eight different apps (most are free!) that will make the life of a salesperson more engaging and efficient. We cover social apps, writing apps, media production apps - apps we have learned make sellers more compelling. Now includes ChatGPT too!


In all of our programs, you will practice your new skills and technology to make sure you can confidently build better digital relationships with your prospects. Find more prospects, engage more prospects, close more sales.

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Be part of something great

The past few years have brought unprecedented change.  Buyers have changed.  Sellers haven’t always kept up.  This is YOUR time.

Make an investment into your own future.  Sharpen your skills.  Learn some new strategies.  Embrace some new technologies.  

You’ll never know what you are capable of unless you give it a try.  What have you got to lose?  For 20 minutes a day, we promise it will be time well spent!  

At the end of this program, you will have the confidence you deserve.  

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Helping sellers learn new strategies and technology is our favorite thing to do.  Let us help!

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