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This is your resource page. Here you will be able to review strategies and tools, find how to videos, read about new technology and register for future web classrooms! This is your page so always feel free to tell us what additional tools will help you become the best Influencer Seller you can be!  To see how to videos, scroll to the bottom of this page.


These apps can help you create awareness when your buyer is in the dream phase and your strategy is to create awareness and intrigue.

Create your buyer personas – this is where every Influencer should begin their journey – identify your target audiences, understand your best customers.  We just added a new video and form that includes both B2B personas and B2C personas.

Social Selling Index – your social selling index tells you how well you are using your profile and activities to be a valuable resource for your clients.

Photo Analyzer – your photo analyzer tells gives you objective advice about your LinkedIn personal photo.


Doodly is an explainer video software application.  You can create these to appeal to your buyers in the dream phase when you are trying to create awareness or intrigue.


When your buyer is in the explore phase, you want to share relevant content on your LinkedIn newsfeed, in your social networking groups, anywhere your buyers visit.  This positions YOU as a valuable resource.  Here are some tools to help with this phase.

Right Relevance  A great source for finding good content to share.  You can tell it to email you articles weekly that are relevant for your clients – makes it easy for you to remember to be a valuable resource!

Content Gems  Another great tool for finding good content to share. My favorite tool for sharing content.  You are able to find an article to share, post it to a social network with a link – that allows you to track your opens, and also usually allows you to add a call to action message and link to the bottom of the article.


At long last, your prospect may have some interest in talking (or at least emailing!) with you.  How can you be first, fast  and fabulous?  You want to respond quickly (within 5 minutes) so that you can increase your chances of being heard.  But don’t reply with just a standard canned email, use this app to help!

Spark Adobe This tool serves three functions – it can help you create social posts, videos or tailor a landing page to your market segment.

Lumen5 This video production tool uses AI to suggest media if you just want to write the outline of a script.

Unsplash – This is a great tool with tons of royalty free photography you can download.

Pixabay This app provides photograhy, illustrations, graphics and more that are often royalty free.  You do need to be careful as some (always noted) require payment.

In order to create a fabulous response to an inquiry using digital methods, it’s important to craft your story.  Here is the checklist we reviewed in the class that should help you do just that. 

Craft Story Worksheet 1219


This is your chance – your prospect is ready to be convinced that your product is their best solution.  You need to present your information in a clear, compelling and confident manner.  These apps can help you sell not only to your decision maker but to the other 6 or 7 people who you may not be talking to that also have a say in this purchasing decision.

Grammarly This tool is even better when you download the chrome extension because it will correct your spelling and grammar wherever you are online!

The Hemingway App  This tool is not free (but it is inexpensive) and it is a little clunky, but it really helps you to write more clearly and concisely.  I recommend it for proposals and website language help.

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