Everybody thinks they are secretly a marketing wizard – but just how much do you know about the tech behind digital marketing today?  Take our quick quiz to find out.

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Want to learn more? Here are a few of our sales and marketing course offerings.


Modern Prospecting

You need to find new business fast.  Let us help you scale your efforts – research, reach out, and engage the best prospects for your property.  Then learn to quickly automate.

Stop Fishing and Start Catching

6 lessons - 4 hours, 1 workshop - 45 minutes
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Big Sales Small Screens

Adding videos to your emails and sales presentations can help you stand apart.This course will give you everything you need to make engaging videos FAST – and without spending a lot of money.

Big Sales Small Screens

6 lessons - 4 hours - eLearning
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Influencer Digital Sales

Buyers are online - making decisions without ever consulting a salesperson. How can you be a part of the process? Build a stronger digital presence. We'll show you how.

Hotel Digital Sales Essentials

23 e-Learning sessions - 15-20 minutes each, 5 workshops - 45 minutes each.
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Hotel Digital Marketing

Acquire a better understanding of the hospitality digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques you need to know in 2020 by participating in a live collaborative education experience over 6 weeks.

Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials

6 Weeks - 60 minutes virtual classroom weekly
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