Modern Prospecting


You need to find new business fast.  Let us help you scale your efforts – research, reach out, and engage the best prospects for your property.  Then learn to quickly automate the process to be able to reach more people faster.  We blend sales skills with some great technology in order to help you find and close sales faster.

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If you would like to learn new approaches to discovering new business segments, finding new prospects, reaching out effectively to those prospects so they respond to you, this is your course.

We cover six steps around modern prospecting.

1 – A new approach – buyers have changed, shouldn’t your approach change too?

2 – Creating buyer personas – do your homework upfront, save time later.

3 – Understanding drip vs lead nurturing and why it matters.

4 – Crafting your ideal prospecting email (or LinkedIn message).

5 – Building your multi-touch campaign in 30 minutes to increase responses.

6 – Automate the whole thing – easy to scale.

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